February 12, 2019

Agenda of the Regular Meeting of Council February 12, 2019
4a. Hines Creek Registry
5a. Chief Administrative Officers Report Feb 12, 2019
5c. Public Works Foreman Report
5d. Policies & Procedures Review
5e. Arena Recreation Complex
6a. Refund of Utility Deposits
6b. Bank Reconciliation Month Ending January 31, 2019
7a. Accounts Payable
8a Bylaw 580-18
9a. Tax and Assessment Workshops
9b. Diabetes Canada Request for a Donation Box
9c. 2018 Assessment Summary for 2019
9d. 2018 Linear Property Assessment
9e. Altawest Group Ltd. – Maintenance Agreement at Arena
11a. North Peace Regional Landfill Increase in Tipping Fees
11b. North Peace Housing Foundation Email – Retirement Notice