Photocopying & Faxing

Photocopying & faxing services are available through the Village Office. All photocopies & faxes are subject to a $1.00 service charge + GST.

Photocopying Rates:

Photocopies, Black$0.25 / page
Photocopies, Color$0.50 / page
Photocopies, Double sided copying$0.30 / page
Photocopies, Own paper$0.20 / page
Photocopies, Volumes > 100$0.10 / page

Faxing Rates:

Incoming Fax$0.25 / page
Outgoing Fax$0.50 / page
Outgoing Fax, Out of Province Fax$1.00 / page

Burning Permits

Burning Permits for outdoor fire pits are required each year.

The Burn Permits are available through the Village office at no charge.

Below is the link to the Burning Permit. Filled out Burning Permits can be emailed to or dropped off at the Village Office.

Tax Certificates

Tax Certificates are available for $25.00 + GST.

To request a Tax Certificate please send a fax (780) 494-3605 or email: or

Business Licenses (Hawkers & Peddlers)

Hawkers & Peddlers are required to have a license within the Village. Rates are shown below:

Daily$25.00 / day
Yearly (door to door)$250.00 / year
Yearly (Fixed Address)$50.00 / year

Clear Hills County Maps

Clear Hills County maps can be purchased by the Village. Rates including GST are shown below:

Wall Maps$31.50
Book Maps$36.75

Dog Licenses

All dogs & cats residing in the Village are required to have a license. Dog or Cat Licenses purchased in the month of January receive a discounted price.

January 1 -31 Rates:

Fertile Dog $10.00 + GST
Neutered/Sprayed Dog$5.00 + GST

February 1 – December 31 Rates:

Fertile Dog$20.00 + GST
Neutered/Sprayed Dog$10.00 + GST