Animal Control

The Village of Hines Creek wants to ensure that all our residents, including their pets, are safe. We encourage you to know the rules and follow them to protect your pet. Please refer to our Dog Control Bylaw No. 612-22 which outlines the regulations regarding the licensing, regulating, and confinement of dogs in the Village.

Animal Control Officer
Marie Jennings
Phone #: 780-772-2667

Pet Licensing

  • Any dog over three months old must be licensed.
  • Licenses must be purchased annually, as they expire at the end of December.
  • Licenses are 50% off in the month of January.

If pets are not licensed, we have no means of identifying the owners. If an animal remains unclaimed after 72 hours, the Village may surrender the animal to a licensed adoption facility, or may be euthanized. Please help us keep pets out of the shelter!

January 1 -31 Rates:

Fertile Dog $10.00 + GST
Neutered/Sprayed Dog $5.00 + GST

February 1 – December 31 Rates:

Fertile Dog $20.00 + GST
Neutered/Sprayed Dog $10.00 + GST

At-Large Animals

In all cases of an at-large animal, you may call our Animal Control Officer to ask for direction or for assistance. During business hours, the Administration Office phone number may also be used. Due to limited resources, the Animal Control Officer is not always available. If the Animal Control Officer is not available, a message may be left detailing the concern.

Animals caught by the Animal Control Officer may be collected from the animal shelter upon payment of all fines and fees. Officers are not authorized to release animals without payment.

If your pet has gone missing please call the Administration Office during regular business hours, or the Animal Control Officer during after hours and weekends.