Planning & Development

Development Authority:

Development Officer

Leanne Walmsley
Phone: 780-494-3690

Municipal Planning Commission

The Municipal Planning Commission (MPC) is a municipal board responsible for reviewing and making decisions on discretionary use development applications, and may also provide advice and input on strategic planning processes. Any non-conforming decisions that are discretionary cannot be approved by the Development Officer and must go to the MPC.

The MPC is made up of (2) members of Council and (1) Member-at-Large.

Subdivision Authority:

The Mackenzie Municipal Services Agency is our Subdivision Authority. If you have any questions regarding the subdivision process, please call them at 780-338-3862 or visit their

Why do I need a development permit?

Development permits are required pursuant to the Village of Hines Creek’s Land Use Bylaw No. 546-11. The development permit ensures that the land owners proposed use of the land does not conflict with surrounding uses, complies with the Land Use District and meets the appropriate set-back distances from the property lines, utilities, buildings, roadways, and any other structures deemed relevant by the development officer and/or the Municipal Planning Commission.

Where can I view the Land Use Bylaw?

To view the Land Use Bylaw follow the link below or paper copies of the Land Use Bylaw can be purchased at the Village Office for $21.20 (including GST)

Village Administration will be pleased to explain the Land Use Bylaw regulations and how they may be applied to your specific situation.

Development Permit Requirements:

Legal Address: Lot, Block, and Plan

Civic Address: Street Address

Mailing Address: Provide contact information

Site Plan: A bird’s eye view of your property, including location from property lines, distance of existing and proposed structures from the property lines, size of buildings, access to street or land, size of lot, landscaping and location of utilities.

Building Plans: Including floor, elevations, exterior finishing, survey and landscape plans.

Use of the Land: What the land be used for – Residential, storage, commercial, home based business.

Development Forms:


Development permits are available at the Village Office free of charge!

Additional Permit Requirements:

After receiving a development permit from the Village, you may require additional permits for safety codes inspections such as:

  • Building Permit
  • Electrical Permit
  • Gas Permit
  • Plumbing

To find more information on where to get these permits click here to the Safety Codes Council website:

The Development Process: