Council Policies
Policy 100-05 Council Remuneration
Policy 100-11 Handling of Delegations
Policy 100-14 Closed Sessions
Policy 100-17 Publication of Annual Financial Statement
Policy 100-29 Special Meeting Policy
Policy 100-30 Public Hearings

Administration Policies
Policy 200-15 – Sale of Surplus Equipment, Furniture, Machinery & Vehicles
Policy 200-19 -Use of Facilities
Policy 200-21 – Village Owned Vehicle Equipment – Rental
Policy 200-27 – Collection of Outstanding Accounts
Policy 200-32 -Tender Policy

Community Policies
Policy 500-01 Dave Shaw Benefit Rental

Development Policies
Policy 600-01 Municipal Planning Commission
Policy 600-02 Property Line Locate Policy

Fitness Center Policies
Policy 900-03 Fitness Center Operating Guidelines
Policy 900-04 Fitness Center Rules and Regulations
Policy 900-05 Fitness Center Refund Policy

Municipal Planning Commission 
Policy 1200-01 Policy Municipal Planning Commission Member at Large
Policy 1200-02 Municipal Planning Commission

Public Works Policies
Policy 1300-04 Snow Removal Policy
Policy 1300-05 Annual Village Clean-up
Policy 1300-06 Salting & Sanding Policy
Policy 1300-12 Boulevard Maintenance Policy

Recreation Policies
Policy 1400-08 Dave Shaw Memorial Complex Facility Manager Policy

Sewer Policies
Policy 1600-01 Sewer Call Out