Bulk Water

The Village owns and operates a Bulk Water distribution system. Customers can gain access to the Village Bulk Water room during business hours paying for the amount of gallons of water used each fill up or by setting up a Bulk Water account.

Bulk Water Rates:

Domestic Bulk Water within the Village$23.00/1000 gallons
Rural Domestic Bulk Water $40.00/1000 gallons
Commercial Bulk Water$55.00/1000 gallons

Setting up an Account?

Setting up an account allows customers to access the bulk water room 24/ 7. Account holders will be provided the door code once the Village is provided with a completed and signed “Contract of Service: Bulk Water,” and a $75.00 deposit at the Village Office. The customer shall abide by the Village’s Bulk Water Bylaw 608-21.


Bulk Water billing is issued on a monthly basis. Bulk Water accounts are due on or before 30 days of mailing the invoice.

Interest penalty of 3.5 % will be charged on the 1st of the month on all Bulk Water accounts in arrears of 30 days as per the Village’s Accounts Receivable Penalty Bylaw 592-20.