Emergency Preparedness


Becoming better prepared can be as simple as sitting down with the members of your household, making an emergency plan and putting together an Emergency Kit.  Follow the links below for some tools to help:
Make an Emergency Plan
Helping Kids Prepare for Emergencies
Emergency Kit Checklist
Emergency Kit Checklist for Pets
Emergencies can happen when families are not together-do you know the school’s or the lodge’s emergency plan?  Contact them, so you can work their plan into yours.
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What happens if there is an emergency within the Village?

In the event of an emergency, the Village of Hines Creek has an Emergency Management Plan which can be viewed here.   Should an incident require an evacuation of all, or a portion of the Village it will be communicated to the public via social media, phone calls, and with the assistance of the fire department and RCMP as required.  The evacuation order will contain instructions on where people should go, and who to contact if you require assistance.   The Dave Shaw Memorial Complex is the primary location of a reception center, if needed, and will provide an area to set up beds, food and water.  During an incident safety is top priority, so if the Dave Shaw Memorial Complex is deemed unsuitable the Village has Mutual Aid Agreements with our neighboring municipalities that we will call upon if needed.